• To level the playing field for independent, Locally Owned & Operated businesses; and make a modest living doing so.
  • Develop Apps for practical and entertaining use; and make a shit-ton of money breaking the internet.

You have a fraction of the manpower and marketing capital that big box stores, national brands and corporate behemoths wield.

We have a vision of taking back the rightful place of local business in a local economy. We do our part to empower you to do yours.

Think Globally
Act Locally


We keep it REAListic & then we make it effective


Flexible solutions
REAListic objectives
Actionable strategies
Progress before Profits

We consider your business goals as if they were our own

We Help

We serve your needs with a
Comprehensive scope for
Online presence on
Desktop, Tablet, and Phone;
using Websites, Email, SMS, & Chat

We partner with you to stay competitive with anyone


Always up-to-date Websites
Social Media marketing
Direct Email campaigns
Blogging, Live Chat & More

Optimize your marketing budget within your market

About Us

my self portrait

Us is We & We is Me

me is I and I am Rob Cargell. I’m passionate about building websites and online marketing. I believe in the independent, Locally Owned & Operated businesses that define and characterize the communities where they reside. Don’t get me wrong. There’s a place in this world for Big Box stores; but I defend and bleed to preserve the “Mom & Pops” that make our communities stronger, economically and culturally.

My father ran his own local newspaper, “The Town Journal”, up in New Jersey back in the 70’s; and that spirit is instilled in me, too.

I have a background in music & electronics, which led me into computers and low-voltage repair work. From there, I got interested in how the web worked, and self-taught myself (with a lot of great support from acquaintances, friends,  and online tutorials) HTML, CSS, Javascript; and from there online marketing strategies and techniques.

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