BigRock Web & Computer
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GET THE WORD OUT! Your web site is your online presence. It is your global brochure. The trick is getting folks to find you. There's a  lot of buzz words you may be familiar with: Social Media, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization. Facebook. Instagram. LinkedIn. Google. Bing. 

So what's the right mix for your business? How much should you spend? How can you measure the effectiveness of your efforts? and just when do you have the time to figure this all out?

It's what we do, and we can do it for you, for less than you can do it for yourself. Let's talk, no big whoop.



Our flagship product is Local On The 10s, an exclusive business directory for locally owned & operated businesses. It is a great way to ally your business with your consumer community. Members get a 10% discount with you; you get access to an exclusive marketing distibution to the entire LOT10s membership, at CRAZY affordable rates. Seriously, this is a very effective way to advertise, toe to toe, against corporate competition, with highly-deliverable, direct-marketing campaigns. We're leveling the playing field.